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In conclusion, here's one for the road

The TenderSURE project of the Karnataka government has always remained in the news-for right reason or wrong, more so from the time that work on the project got under way. Almost all of those were either claims or allegations. But none of those come acros

Bangalore Mirror / August 2016

When the will to do for Bengaluru was not apparent

When Swati Ramanathan, chairperson of the Jana Urban Space Foundation (Jana USP), complained of not being treated properly by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and that she/Jana USP had "volunteered" to do all the construction drawings in the

Bangalore Mirror / August 2016

How BBMP was bypassed, sidelined for TenderSURE

Documents accessed under RTI by Mirror show how the BBMP chief engineer's suggestions on water drainage were trashed; the results are there for all to see One of the reasons why allegations against the TenderSURE initiative of the Karnataka government has

Bangalore Mirror / August 2016

Tender was arbitrary, for SURE

When controversies erupted over the TenderSURE project of the Karnataka government that sought to re-engineer major roads of Bengaluru, most of those were dismissed as conspiracy theories of activists or simply as fertile imagination of habitual detractor

Bangalore Mirror / August 2016

No, not ten, Mamata had only two factors going for her

Making post-result analyses of elections can be great fun. With the advantage of hindsight, all you need to do is Google up a bit, and speak to ten people. And, you can easily land up with vacuous, click-bait lists such as: Ten reasons why Mamata made a c

The News Minute / May 2016

Golden Bird in hand

DOWN MEMORY LANE | In 1995 security forces carried out Operation Golden Bird along the Mizoram-Myanmar border. It was claimed to be the biggest counter-insurgency operation ever. But there were too many holes in the claims that were made. This Op-Ed was i

The Telegraph / June 1995

Modi govt is undoing all the environmental good of the past

The Intelligence Bureau report on NGOs last year had made clear the stand that the Narendra Modi government would take on many issues – that anything or anyone even remotely perceived to be an obstacle in the path of the "development" that the new regime

Opinion Junction / June 2015

Karnataka scam: Come, let's draw lotteries

The fact that the lottery business had thrived in the state under the very nose of the law and that this happened with the senior police officers being in the know of things reflects badly on the government.

Our Bangalore / May 2015

Lake it or not, we are all responsible

There is something surreal about the way people – from politicians to citizens – have been reacting to two incidents: the order of the National Green Tribunal penalising two real estate developers for unauthorised constructions in the city's lakes, and th

Our Bangalore / May 2015

Siddu all set to do a poll vault

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, who completed two years in office on Wednesday, will find the going get tougher by the day. Two elections are looming large on the horizon, and neither augurs well.

Our Bangalore / May 2015

Coming soon: Sweet child labour of mine

In early April came the slightly disconcerting news that the Union government was planning to dilute the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2012. It may soon be illegal to employ children below 14 years of age in any type of commerc

Opinion Junction / May 2015

Are businesses ready for sustainability? CEOs certainly think so

The talk about sustainability has been on for a while. And the responsibility, to a considerable extent, of moving towards a sustainable world lies with businesses. But are corporations ready for the cleansing act? Are they willing to change themselves so

Your Story / April 2015

It'll be cities, not nations, that will have to be resilient

India's latest mega-monstrous fad is that of building 100 smart cities. Building cities is not a sinister idea in itself, given the country's rate of urbanisation. The Indian urban population in 1901 was merely 11.4 per cent. This increased to 28.53 per c

Your Story / April 2015

Gujarat terrorism Bill will become an Act of absolute power

The very nature of power is such that more it devours you, the more you need it to survive. You can never have enough. Power is about control, and absolute power is about being in control of things without being answerable. As power keeps consuming you, t

Opinion Junction / April 2015

The Net was born free, but telcos TRAIng hard to put it in chains

Few would dispute the argument that the Internet has empowered us considerably, especially in the last decade or so. But that freedom, call it digital empowerment if you may, will soon be snatched away by a cartel that masquerades as a trade body. This bl

Your Story / April 2015

Tiny countries show us the way to sustainable power

Some two weeks back, Costa Rica created a flutter in environmental and energy circles. The country was reported to have been running completely on renewable energy for 75 days, and had created some sort of a record. Relying mainly on hydropower, Costa Ric

Your Story / April 2015

Earth Hour means nothing, unless you start consuming less

We live in times when paying lip-service is a preferred pastime and indulging in gimmickry is a manic obsession. It's little wonder, then, that Earth Hour was celebrated with much fanfare and uproar across the world on Saturday last. The event has become

Your Story / March 2015

Sustainability practices and goals need to be communicated too

The word "sustainability" sounds unnecessarily big, so much so that it comes across as a strategic initiative that needs to be incorporated into the scheme of things for a big company. Nothing could be further from the truth. One does not need to adopt a

Your Story / March 2015

Not going green may just be better than ‘greenwashing’

It is a normal human tendency to circumvent rules – especially if the prescribed process is tedious, or if one is needed to perform it perforce (by compulsively following laws and regulations). And when you can do this circumventing, and appear fashionabl

Your Story / March 2015

NDA and its pathological hatred of environmentalists

If a Union Budget is supposed to be not just a document of numbers, but a precursor to the shape of policy initiatives to come, then the 2015-16 Budget presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley needs to be seen as a recipe for unmitigated disaster.

Opinion Junction / March 2015

BJP isn’t in control of Assam now, but it soon might be

The Bharatiya Janata Party's notable performance in the elections to Assam's urban local bodies (ULBs) held in February has been described as a "sweep" by some, as a "surge" by certain others. The truth, as is often the case when hyperbole is used to desc

The News Minute / February 2015

Edelman decision on oil is good news for climate activism

Earlier this month, the world's largest PR firm Edelman ended its decade-long relationship with the world's largest oil lobby, the American Petroleum Institute (API). A welcome step, and high time too, as climate change activists would likely assert. / February 2015

The media missed the point about Raghuram Rajan's Hitler reference

The media has gone to town with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor, Raghuram Rajan's mention of Adolf Hitler and "strong" governments in his speech on 'Democracy, Inclusion, and Prosperity' at the DD Kosambi Ideas Festival held on February 20 in Goa

The News Minute / February 2015

Review of 'Prey by the Ganges': All night long

Prey by the Ganges is vivid in imagery, graphic in detail, spellbinding in narrative. It is a gritty, visceral, and taut account of intrigue, gore and determination. And like the enthralling soirée by the ghat that the author brilliantly describes early o / July 2014

SC judgment on fatwas needs to be seen closely

Too much hot air is being blown into Monday’s Supreme Court judgment clarifying that fatwas are not binding on Muslims. That’s possibly because there’s a new government in New Delhi that is led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and some people have a m

Asian Correspondent / July 2014

Leaving the people out of journalism

There are many reasons why journalists are such a scantly-respected lot today, compared to even what we were when I joined the profession 23 winters back. One being that journalism, increasingly so, has ceased to be about people. The decline, steeply – if

The News Minute / July 2014

Faultlines: Talk of rights and become the enemy of the State

In a milieu where bedlam and mutual suspicion hold discourse to ransom, it is difficult not only to find voices of sanity, it is as challenging to remain circumspect oneself. One invariably ends up believing not the truth, but what suits one’s own predile

DNA / June 2014

Up next: A clearance sale

It’s almost always a given that when development for the greater good of the greater number is unleashed on a nation, the first casualty is environment. Against the backdrop of this inconvenient truth, when a political party storms to power having canvass

DNA / June 2014

Rains and glacier melt will ensure Ganga water flow till 2050

If there’s one hurdle that the proposed Ganga project will not run into, it will be water supply. Not till 2050, at least. And there’s going to be an abundance of it. The reasons, however, should be disconcerting — this will be on account of climate chang

DNA / June 2014

Some journalists are scarier than climate change

Tuesday last brought this rather alarming and disconcerting bit of news that global warming is threatening more deadly Everest-kind of avalanches. The scare was attributed to the Kathmandu-based International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (IC / May 2014

In the heart of darkness

The anti-corruption protests of 2011, if not anything, were an outpouring of anger that people harbour against politicians. Probably, more against the regime that ruled India at the time. The agitation, that spawned the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), was simplist

DNA / May 2014

On Narendra Modi, Varanasi and the Ganga: ​Unholy development

BJP leader Narendra Modi had been pulling out many cards from up his sleeve in the frenetic run for the prime minister’s post. The last of the aces were pulled up in the holy city of Varanasi, where he played the Ganga card. The rhetoric was construed as

DNA / May 2014

The Karnataka government doesn't want you to see this report

An official study that was meant to look at the way environmental clearances in Karnataka were given out in the last 10 years has turned out to be a virtual indictment of the entire process itself. There is not a single project which has got the top two g

DNA / May 2014

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