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Animal Rights

Episode of my death

Poetry on death, dedicated to my loveliest Mother. (Published: 30-09-2017)

Daily Observer / September 2017 / Poetry / [Jpg , 91.9 KB]

Embrace of the Nature

A poem set in a seclusive, solitary world. (Published in Indian Express on 9-08-2016)

The New Indian Express / July 2016 / Poetry / [Jpg , 128 KB]

Your Headscarf

(Published: 17-11-2018)

Daily Observer / November 2018 / Poetry / [Jpg , 70.3 KB]

Economic Inequality, Corruption Must Be Rooted Out

Unless we kindle our minds to eradicate the social evils, we truly devoid ourselves of the moral right to burn the effigies of Ravana on Dussehra.

The New Indian Express / September 2017 / Opinion / [Jpg , 261 KB]

Nooses are strangling the future of the world

Increase in social detachment and disintegration is another major cause of suicides. The more secluded one finds himself in society, the more is his probability of developing suicidal tendencies.

Herald Publications Pvt Ltd / September 2017 / Opinion

Nooses are strangling the futures of the world

The percentage of men committing suicide under the influence of alcohol is shockingly between 30 to 50 percent. Also, hanging is the most common method of suicide in India constituting 38% suicides, followed by poisoning (33%)

The State Times / September 2017 / Opinion

Mid-life crisis

My comment on mid-life crisis. (Published in Indian Express on 02-09-2017)

The New Indian Express / September 2017 / Comment / [Jpg , 130 KB]

Nooses are strangling the futures of the world

Traumatic social experiences like body shaming, bullying and obscene acts tremble the mind by causing the victim feel hopeless, humiliated and detached from the world. Often he finds that only death will free him from the bondage.

Daily Observer / August 2017 / Opinion

Nooses are Strangling the Future of the World

A number of NGOs are working tirelessly to prevent further suicides and minimise its high rate. These NGOs like Sumaitri (Delhi’s oldest), Sneha India and AASRA (the most popular in India) have a number of hotlines where a person feeling despair can call

Indians 4 Social Change / September 2017 / Opinion

Don’t worry about setbacks because life will move on

We are a small part of a planet that is a tiny dot in a vast galaxy and universe. We may have big problems and overriding issues that trouble us day and night but they are trivial for the universe.

The Hindustan Times / June 2016 / Ethical

Children should carry books, not babies

A recent judgment rendered by the Chandigarh district court on July 18 left everyone in dismay, wherein the court rejected a plea of a pregnant 10-year-old rape victim for abortion.

Daily Observer / August 2017 / Opinion

Haryana’s conceded skirmish

The Court has openly pronounced that the state government of Haryana deliberately allowed an upsurge of the reported vandalism.

The State Times / September 2017 / Comment

Political Accountability

High Court’s admonishing of both, the Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar and the Centre, over the violence of Dera supporters, manifest how often, political leaders compromise with the law and order situation for political gains.

The Pioneer / August 2017 / Comment

Haryana's conceded skirmish

The Court has openly pronounced that the state government of Haryana deliberately allowed an upsurge by Ram Rahim's supporters.

Herald Publications Pvt Ltd / August 2017 / Opinion / [Jpg , 289 KB]

Should we give thoughts to leaving the earth?

Man has infected almost every patch of this world. A species merely around two lakh years old has tyrannised the whole earth and is now planning to rule the solar system and beyond!

The State Times / June 2017 / Opinion

BJP’s chief success strategy

The chief strategy for BJP’s political success is perhaps the linkage of religion with governance and nationality. BJP, ever-since its establishment, has been posing itself as the ‘saviour’ of the Hindus.

The State Times / August 2017 / Opinion

Animals are Beyond Human Jurisdiction

Chickens, hens and roosters have been sadistically destined to be killed by the humans. The butchers deal not in the professed food but in pain, murders and diseases.

Herald Publications Pvt Ltd / August 2017 / Animal Rights

Need safety foremost, not bullet train

A data issued by the Railway Ministry earlier this month reveal that in last three years, there have been 206 train accidents across the country. The railways seem to have taken no heed of such high stats as we witness continuance in train accidents.

The State Times / August 2017 / Opinion

Post-scenario of the left-earth!

The question that first comes to my mind is neither "can we escape" nor "how to escape", but "why to escape"? It is needless to mention that in the next 100 years none of us reading this article would be alive.

Daily Observer / May 2017 / Opinion

Who needs reservation?

Year 2016 witnessed various skirmishes of different caste groups craving for reservation benefits. These agitations started with the Jats in Haryana in February 2016, followed by Patels and few other communities.

Herald Publications Pvt Ltd / October 2016 / Opinion

Skill Development-Challenges and Importance

(CII)'s National Skill Report 2014 has propounded in a survey that about 70% of the graduates are unfit for employment. Amongst a dense multitude, only rest of the 30% graduates were found fit enough to be employed in firms.

Aahvan Ek Pehal / August 2017 / Opinion

Animals, too, have the right to live

The hens are confined in very congested coops where they can hardly move. As soon as they stop laying eggs, they are sent to butchers. Their infants are sent to restaurants like KFCs and local dhabas (eateries) to serve the non-vegans.

Daily Observer / August 2016 / Animal Rights

Age limit for UPSC exam

For a fresh graduate, it is quite difficult to crack the exam instantly at such less age and to compete with those who are able to study more and gain higher education owing to the given age relaxation.

Herald Publications Pvt Ltd / September 2016 / Opinion / [Jpg , 168 KB]

पशु-प्रेम में ढोंग कब तक ?

यदि इस वास्तविकता को समझने की कोशिश करेंगे तो आप पाएंगे की यह सिर्फ आपकी पसंद की बात नहीं है। आप उस जानवर को कोई विकल्प नही दे रहे।

दैनिक पूर्वोदय / June 2017 / Animal Rights / [Jpg , 866 KB]

There is a broad line between dreams and goals

. Dreaming can enhance one’s imagination and anyone can become rich in his/her dreams. Such dreams become fruitful only when they are converted into goals and efforts are made to accomplish them.

The Hindustan Times / March 2016 / Ethical / [Jpg , 262 KB]

Reservations: A need or greed?

Reservation was initially needed to end the practice of untouchability and caste discrimination in jobs and colleges. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar had said that its imposition is for a review period of ten years only.

Herald Publications Pvt Ltd / September 2016 / Opinion

Children Should Carry Books, Not Babies

Girls at the victim's age are busy playing with their dolls and colouring their imagination with crayons and pencil colours. The only weight they have to carry is their books and bags, but sadly this little angel is carrying a 28-week old baby.

Herald Publications Pvt Ltd / August 2017 / Opinion

Life is one great game of chess, play it judiciously

Chess does not only teach us to analyse the present situation, it enables us to think about the possibilities and consequences. This is the art of forward-thinking.

The Hindustan Times / April 2016 / Ethical / [Jpg , 248 KB]

32 isn't old

The given reason that 32 is very old for appointing someone (belonging to the general category) as an IAS officer is dimwitted.

The Asian Age / September 2016 / Comment

पहला वोट, अहम वोट

गरीबों का साथ देने वाली पार्टी को ही दूंगा अपना पहला वोट।

नवभारत टाइम्स / February 2017 / Comment / [Png , 527 KB]

Just a scapegoat

The targeted media coverage of Bihar’s false topper Ruby Rai is inappropriate as she has been used as a scapegoat to cover the wrongdoings of the officials involved.

The Financial Express / July 2016 / Comment / [Jpg , 44.7 KB]

उचित कदम

अमेरिका में बंदूकों की बिक्री पर रोक लगाने का जो प्रयास बराक ओबामा कर रहे थे, वो प्रयास भारत में भी किया जाना चाहिए।

दैनिक जागरण / January 2016 / Comment / [Jpg , 71.9 KB]

Only strong people know the benefits of forgiving someone

Those who get into a brawl over trivial issues manifest nothing but their inner weakness, which often results in a serious problem. Those who remain calm minimise the possibility of troubles.

The Hindustan Times / November 2016 / Ethical / [Jpg , 960 KB]

Price of negligence

Figures revealed by the railway ministry earlier this month showed that in the last three years, there have been at least 206 train accidents across the country.

The Asian Age / August 2017 / Comment / [Jpg , 108 KB]

Let your children's talent flourish, don't pressure them

The correct way is to let a child continue practising on his/her own. By doing so, the child will develop an independent approach to new and innovative ideas that will boost his/ her talent. The child will not fear what people might think.

The Hindustan Times / September 2016 / Ethical / [Jpg , 448 KB]

Judicial appointments

As per statistics, there are only 10-12 judges in the country for every 10 lakh people. With steady growth of criminal cases and public interest litigations (PILs), it has become impossible for judges to adjudicate cases quickly.

The Financial Express / May 2016 / Comment / [Jpg , 53.9 KB]

किसी भीड़ में मानवता भी कहीं खो गयी है

अगली बार आपसे मदद की उम्मीद लगाए किसी पीड़ित को सड़क पर देखें तो एक बार उसकी जगह खुद को रख कर देखें । फिर भी अगर ज़िम्मेदारी का एहसास न हो, तो आगे बढ़ जाएं। फिर आपसे कोई भी उम्मीद करना बेकार है।

लोकसत्य (नई दिल्ली) / August 2017 / Opinion / [Jpg , 1000 KB]

US Presidential polls

This time, the US Presidential election reminds me of the proverb: “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” This time, the question “Who is a better presidential candidate between Hillary and Trump” is fairly dilemmatic.

Herald Publications Pvt Ltd / October 2016 / Comment / [Jpg , 96.1 KB]

Uniting against injustice can make a big difference

Why are we in a habit of exploiting those who are already socially oppressed? Unless and until the 'exploitation of man by man' is ended, we can't literally call ourself liberals.

The Hindustan Times / February 2016 / Ethical / [Jpg , 110 KB]

Tax Burden

Q. Is the Centre's income tax filing website user-friendly?

The New Indian Express / August 2017 / Comment / [Jpg , 165 KB]

The wrong culprit

The media coverage of Bihar’s “false topper” Ruby Rai is inappropriate as she is merely the tip of the iceberg in the false evaluation scam in Bihar.

The Asian Age / July 2016 / Comment

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