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Dive from the cliff of risk into joy

It has taken years to put the fear of rejection behind and embrace risk, and yet, at the end of it all, I feel more fulfilled than I've ever felt before

Mid-day / November 2018 / Mid Day

It is time for us to all stay woke

#MeToo seems to have triggered more than ugly memories, it has banded women together, engendered a determination to end patriarchy

Mid-day / October 2018 / Mid Day

Dough your worst, we'll survive

My first time making ravioli was as much a labour of love as it was an attempt at purging the rage I felt from the #MeToo horror stories

Mid-day / October 2018 / Mid Day

The death of male pedestalism

#MeToo is a call to revolutionise the structures that have enabled patriarchy, so men are no longer be shielded by their entitlement

Mid-day / October 2018 / Mid Day

The sweetest fruit of the harvest

Sometimes you return to a place and find it changed, ripened and ready for harvest. Makes one think, 'Have I also secretly matured?

Mid-day / October 2018 / Mid Day

Yield to the flood of beauty

Art inspires awe because it can simultaneously humble and intimidate the beholder, and be like gazing into a mirror

Mid-day / September 2018 / Mid Day

Connecting to the GPS of the soul

As a first-timer in Turin, with neither Internet nor map, it was intuition and a lifetime of internalised lessons that found the way

Mid-day / September 2018 / Mid Day

The art of waiting and its rewards

After a long wait, the LGBT community in India is now celebrating the end of an archaic, colonial-era law : Section 377

Mid-day / September 2018 / Mid Day

Living under undeclared emergency

Without our realising it, we have been surrendering, inadvertently, our basic rights as tax-paying citizens of a democratic republic

Mid-day / August 2018 / Mid Day

Finding the truth about myself

How do you engage in the sanctity of writing when there is so much out there that occupies your mind space? The answer: concentration

Mid-day / August 2018 / Mid Day

Adopting a 'female glance'

We rarely have had the opportunity of enjoying a work of art by other women because the means of dissemination have been so biased

Mid-day / August 2018 / Mid Day

Soaking in the bounty of nature

Where I was meant to be reading and writing, I have instead been cherishing the rejuvenating monsoonal weather in Goa

Mid-day / August 2018 / Mid Day

An epistolary ode to my best friend

On the agenda for each day is six hours of solid writing so that the next book I'm longing to birth can assume a more evolved state

Mid-day / August 2018 / Mid Day

Apologies are a good start

Jay Z's public apology in 4.44 goes a long way in addressing the void created by the 'missing apology' from patriarchal forces

Mid-day / July 2018 / Mid Day

The secret of my success

I am capable of more generosity than ever before because I have more of my self to give, I have learned how to take pleasure in extending myself

Mid-day / July 2018 / Mid Day

Greatest accomplishment of my life

It's the unintended consequence of nurturing a cross continental intrigue; toying with the fabric of space and distance

Mid-day / July 2018 / Mid Day

Cherishing the present moment

We must learn to renounce past and future to live in the present; because as soon as the future comes, it becomes present

Mid-day / June 2018 / Mid Day

In Search Of The Right Choice

I've often thought about how this tussle between dharma and karma has mostly been represented as a male predicament

Mid-day / June 2018 / Mid Day

Looking Just A Little Beyond

Travelling through Italy, a land saturated with art, has unfettered my world view, causing me to see even myself in new light

Mid-day / June 2018 / Mid Day

Penning A Memorable Recipe

Writing, like with cooking, involves improvising, adapting and responding to environments to which you never expected to become acclimatised

Mid-day / May 2018 / Mid Day

Surrendering for a new beginning

Though my body was tired from the endless travelling witnessing the beauty of Italy, I had to come to Rome to solve a mystery

Mid-day / May 2018 / Mid Day

Of art and male chauvinism

When I witnessed the 'masterpieces' of great artists in Firenze, I expected to feel ecstatic. Instead, what surfaced was almost ancestral anger

Mid-day / May 2018 / Mid Day

Say a Little Prayer For Me

Rediscovering the Serenity Prayer, the premise of which is not the existence of a wish-granting God, but one's own sense of self-awareness

Mid-day / March 2018 / Mid Day

The Utter Joy Of Being Female

Swinging from one moment of inexplicable fury to another of unfiltered happiness in the space of a monthly cycle

Mid-day / March 2018 / Mid Day

Time to celebrate female greatness

As a qualifier, greatness has always been the preserve of men. All the 'great' classical writers and composers are white men

Mid-day / March 2018 / Mid Day

The Bitter Sweetness Of Doing Nothing

My week-long hibernation was the chicken soup my soul needed, but that didn't stop my mind from questioning me about productivity

Mid-day / February 2018 / Mid Day

Divine Bovine

Essay for the Publication "Divine Bovine", photographs by Toni Meneguzzo

Silvana / March 2015 / Catalogue Essay / [Pdf , 94.8 KB]

Bedtime Stories

Catalogue essay accompanying Avishek Sen's show at Gallery Espace

Gallery Espace / October 2015 / Catalogue Essay / [Pdf , 573 KB]

Line of Light

Essay accompanying Manisha Parekh's show at Jhaveri Contemporayr

Jhaveri Contemporary / March 2017 / Catalogue Essay


Catalogue Essay accompanying a two-person show of works by Tanmoy Samanta and Dilip Chobisa

Gallery Espace / April 2017 / Catalogue Essay / [Pdf , 192 KB]

Time Present Time Past

Sebastian Cortes, Sidhpur

Time Present Time Past / November 2014 / Catalogue Essay / [Pdf , 75.8 KB]

Pecked, Jostled and Teased

Catalogue essay accompanying Princess Pea's eponymous show at Exhibit 320

Exhibit 320 / September 2014 / Catalogue Essay / [Pdf , 84.2 KB]

The quest for


India Today / November 2017 / A Handbook For My Lover

Red my lips

Weekly Column

Mid-Day / March 2017 / Mid Day

Drawing deep from India

Following an unprecedented success last year, classical Indian art makes a comeback at Christie’s annual India sale

The Hindu / December 2016 / Auctions



Elle / December 2016 / Artist Studio Visit

Sudarshan Shetty: Fulsome Void

Sudarshan Shetty is simultaneously interested in achieving a state of minimalism and echoing a position of seeming emptiness through abundance and grandiloquence

OPEN / January 2016 / Review

Frames of Dissent

The shades of a conflict zone pervade the canvas at the third edition of the Dhaka Art Summit

OPEN / February 2016 / Review

Stripped to the Core

Is writing a memoir worth the sacrifice, the self-shaming, the self-aggrandising?

OPEN / March 2016 / A Handbook For My Lover

The Art of Pursuit at Close Quarters

Our columnist’s visits to the studios of leading artists will bring together the intimacy of appreciation and the privacy of creation

OPEN / May 2016 / Artist Studio Visit

Benitha Perciyal: Earth Girl

Material has been at the crux of Benitha Perciyal’s art, embedded as it is in the philosophical notion of organic decay

OPEN / June 2016 / Artist Studio Visit

The Engineer of Human Souls

Rehaan Engineer lives by a simple diktat: whoever wishes to devote himself to painting should begin by cutting out his tongue

OPEN / July 2016 / Artist Studio Visit

Subodh Gupta: Still Cooking the World

There’s no dearth of ideas in Subodh Gupta’s studio. There is always activity, a leaping forward in terms of material and scale

OPEN / December 2016 / Artist Studio Visit

Jitish Kallat: The Shadow of the Wind

Jitish Kallat as an internationalist continues to plough the ocean of possibilities in his quest for perfection

Open / October 2015 / Artist Studio Visit

The Seafarer

As coastlines and water sources diminish, environmentalist Ravi Agarwal’s activism develops a porous border with art

Mint / October 2015 / Review

Genetic Engineering

Reena Kallat’s exhibition creates a genus of flora and fauna to accommodate a new vision of politics

Mint / September 2015 / Review

The other mothers

Meera Syal's new novel is a complicated tapestry about motherhood

India Today / September 2015 / Book Review

Master Picture Perfect

The colour philosophy of Raghubir Singh was influenced by his interest in traditional Indian art

Open / September 2015 / Review

Return of the Tomb

The restoration of Humayun’s Tomb, considered the first significant iteration of what is today understood to be Mughal architecture, is a dialogue with the past as much as it is a silent revelation of our future

Arts Illustrated / August 2015 / Feature / [Pdf , 977 KB]

Art exchange

Sixteen artists and a not-for-profit gallery in Mumbai want to create a trade for artworks that doesn’t involve money

Live Mint / September 2015 / Review

State of the Art

Fresh-off-the-boat artists, barter shows, photo festivals… Prominent galleries and museums are rolling out the welcome mat for a new season ripe with textures and colours, shapes and moods

Hindu BLink / September 2015 / Cover Story

Dark and prejudice

Crude talk from politicians about complexion is just one angle of the endemic colour prejudice in India. For a self-aware dark-skinned woman, the struggle often begins at home and continues to even salons and bus-stops

Hindu BLink / April 2015 / Opinion

Higher Resolution

In a digital age where everyone is armed with a camera, what does the mushrooming of photography festivals across the country signify?

Open Magazine / April 2015 / Feature

15 Emerging Artists to Discover at the India Art Fair

the fair is the perfect site to discover rising stars who could be instrumental in redefining the practices of contemporary art in South Asia—starting with the artists on this list.

ARTSY / January 2015 / Art Fairs

Black Pearl and Other Enchantments

The second edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale has on display 94 artists from 30 countries—masters, saboteurs, and experimentalists

OPEN / December 2014 / Review

The Descent of Man

Rameshwar Broota’s examination of the male anatomy poses questions about vulnerability and brutality, the ravages of age and time, and the very essence of existence

OPEN / November 2014 / Review

Art of Healing

How artists are paying back the ubiquitous nurse from Kerala

Quartz / July 2014 / Opinion

Family Ties

Rosalyn D'Mello on the informal solidarity keeping India’s art scene together

Art Review / November 2014 / Feature

Size Does Matter

Rosalyn D’Mello speaks with artist Nilima Sheikh about her obsessive interest in Kashmir

Indian Quarterly / June 2014 / Interview

Into the Light

Tragedy has been the engine of photographer Sohrab Hura's incandescent work, and with his nomination to Magnum--the first Indian in 37 years -- he's found a new reason to create

Elle / August 2014 / Feature / [Pdf , 1.04 MB]

Fifty Shades of Play

Rosalyn D'Mello reviews Ananth's debut novel, "Play With Me"

India Today / August 2014 / Book Review

End of a Hegemony

Is the International Art World Finally Moving East?

BLOUIN ARTINFO India / January 2014 / Art Fairs / [Pdf , 3.89 MB]

Private Initiative

Private collectors are filling the lacunae left by government institutions in promoting and preserving modern and contemporary Indian art

BLOUIN ARTINFO India / January 2014 / Essay / [Pdf , 1.58 MB]

Satori in Dubai

Rosalyn D’Mello reflects upon her experience of the recent edition of Art Dubai held from March 19 to 22

The Wall / July 2014 / Art Fairs

Spanking words

Review: Urmilla Deshpande's "Slither"

Himal / September 2011 / Review

FN Souza As Never Seen Before

Don’t miss this showing of rarely-seen portraits of F.N. Souza captured by legendary Armenian photographer Ida Kar

Mumbai Boss / October 2011 / Review

Culture Capital

Is Mumbai losing its cultural groove to Delhi?

Mumbai Boss / April 2011 / Opinion

Indian Indie Cinema’s Most Controversial Film Yet

'Gandu', with its controversial title and racy sex scenes, is being called one of the most explicit Indian films yet. But will it ever reach our cinemas? We talk to director Q about his battle with censorship.

Mumbai Boss / July 2011 / Interview

The Single Life

Which city offers a better lifestyle for the single woman, Delhi or Mumbai?

Mumbai Boss / January 2011 / Opinion

A Mind of Her Own

The post-modern Indian woman is negotiating spaces that many before her had been afraid to trespass.

India Today / August 2011 / Opinion

Five Mystics and the Tamil Bad Girls

Fifty Shades of Grey is just smut. If you want real erotica, read the old Indian women saints, and the adulterous tales and body poetry of modern Indian writers. You'll see that erotic literature is about more than just sex. It is about desire and subvers

Man's World / June 2013 / Essay

A Spanking New Bestseller

This could have been a Mills & Boon novel, but for its sado-masochistic twist. So what is it about this cliché-ridden book that is driving women in hordes to read it?

Open Magazine / April 2012 / Book Review

Love, Sex Aur Maafi

In this 18th century erotic poem banned by the British, the courtesan Muddupalani gives us Radha, a feminist and sexual woman in rage over Krishna’s ‘betrayal’

Open Magazine / January 2012 / Review

The Curator Must Play Critic

How large and comprehensive should a retrospective be? Three current shows, on the works of KK Hebbar, Krishna Reddy and SH Raza, offer answers

Open Magazine / December 2011 / Review

The Inheritance of Loss

The story of India’s contemporary photography movement is ridden with egoistic tussles. It’s no wonder then that it has taken so long for the country to host an international photo festival

Open Magazine / October 2011

A Ban That Stinks

The government proposes to ban ads that sell male deodorants because they are too risqué. But what are censors afraid of—women on top?

Caravan / July 2011

Step Across This Line

Resemble Reassemble is an uninhibited engagement with the social and political concerns of Pakistani society

Caravan / March 2010 / Review

Fighting the Commonplace

Richard Bartholomew’s photographs open the door to the inner self, bringing the world close to the human eye

Caravan / February 2010 / Review

Art Without Writing

The art world is desperately seeking reincarnations of art writers like Rudy von Leyden, whose criticism stemmed from deep knowledge of, and intimate friendships with, the artists of their generation. But given the intolerance, backstabbing, petty jealous

Business Standard / May 2012 / Opinion

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