Roshni P. Nair

Roshni P. Nair

Writer, The Morning Context. Earlier: The Ken, Reuters, Hindustan Times, and DNA | UNFPA Laadli awardee

Quora, we have a problem

How the Q&A site lost the plot with its Quora Partner Program and questionable moderation

The Morning Context / February 2020

How Wikimedia India went bust

From mismanagement and bickering to funds misuse and unequal representation, here’s how things ended for a once-promising collective in the open knowledge movement

The Morning Context / November 2019

When the quest for the truth is based on a lie

Polygraphy, brain mapping and narcoanalysis are not only inadmissible in court, but also unscientific and unethical. Why is India still using them to solve crimes?

The Morning Context / January 2021

Storm in a copyright teacup

The Indian Performing Right Society is the world’s fastest-growing copyright society. It’s also suffering penny-pinching streaming platforms, and a mutiny

The Morning Context / September 2020

What it takes to map India

Machine learning and algorithmic muscle aside, there’s plenty of human intervention that goes into mapping India’s roads, buildings and landmarks

The Morning Context / November 2020

A swarm of locusts and upheavals

The 2020 desert locust infestation isn’t just a plague. It’s a confluence of diplomatic, environmental and ecological complications

The Morning Context / September 2020

Why Atlas shrugged

The untold story of how Atlas Cycles, once India’s most beloved bicycle brand, undid itself

The Morning Context / August 2020

Rising to the (scam)bait

In 2020, the police in Delhi NCR arrested a slew of people involved in tech support scams. This story is about the scambaiters who helped make this possible

The Morning Context / January 2021

Deep in the weeds of India’s lantana problem

An ornamental plant introduced over 200 years ago is invading forests, displacing wildlife and endangering livelihoods. And that is just the beginning

The Morning Context / October 2020

The rat race to standardize yoga

The gloves are off in the clash between US-based Yoga Alliance and India’s Yoga Certification Board. But that’s only half the story.

The Morning Context / May 2020

How India is bleeding itself dry

A public interest litigation case in the Supreme Court lays bare the reality of blood transfusions in India

The Morning Context / February 2020

When water isn’t good enough

A new breed of Indian bottled water is black, alkaline, volcanic or emerges from secret springs with promises of health and unmatched purity. Does the science add up?

The Morning Context / July 2020

Why customer service is so broken

For generations, companies have been trying to solve for customer service. A deep dive into why they continue to do a piss-poor job of it

The Morning Context / December 2019

Who’ll save the Wildlife Institute of India?

The esteemed research institution, which plays a critical role in environmental impact assessments, is being threatened with divestment. And that poses a threat to its independent identity

The Morning Context / November 2020

A zoonotic thorn in the flesh

COVID-19 has sparked a debate about whether public health should supersede food choices and local culture. Here's the (bush)meat of the matter

The Morning Context / April 2020

A litmus test for marketing

Budget cuts, furloughs, layoffs and business hits are just the start. Marketing will be put to bigger tests in a post-lockdown world

The Morning Context / May 2020

Bose in the age of streaming

The sound equipment manufacturer is facing the music in all but Asian markets. Will India be kind?

The Morning Context / January 2020

India, emojified

2019 was the year of the Indian emoji. Presenting the conception to birth-and-after stories of the temple, diya, autorickshaw, and sari

The Morning Context / November 2019

Up all night: Capitalising on India’s big sleep gap

India is a sleep-deprived nation, if latest reports are to be believed. What’s worse is that Indians often romanticise not sleeping. But startups focused on ‘sleep tech’ see an opportunity; and it’ll be a while before they hit snooze on their plans

The Ken / July 2019

Cracking the wheat code

In August 2018, scientists announced that they had finally sequenced the wheat genome — something long considered impossible. It took 13 years and 200 researchers from around the world, including 18 Indian scientists. This is their story

The Ken / September 2018

Are air purifiers the new water purifiers?

India has no official guidelines for indoor air pollution. Neither does it have a regulatory body for air purifiers. Even so, private players seem poised to make a meal of policy failure as India’s air quality becomes one of the worst in the world

The Ken / November 2018

This is the future of meat in India

Beef, mutton, and dairy without bovines. Pork without pigs. Chicken and eggs minus the hens. How long will it take for scientific and commercial breakthroughs in plant and cell-based meat to hit Indian shores?

The Ken / May 2019

Thirty minutes and a wrinkle in (Indian Standard) time

Two ageing scientists have spent over a decade advocating for a modified IST. Will their research hold ground in the future, or become just another entry in India’s chronicles against time standardisation?

The Ken / April 2019

India has gone nuts over California almonds

India is on its way to becoming the world’s largest importer of American almonds. Iranian, Afghan, even Kashmiri flavours have lost favour with the Indian market

The Ken / May 2019

Cloud kitchens: Cheap as chips but no cakewalk

India’s cloud kitchen market is replete with deals, acquisitions, and eye-popping funding. But how do delivery-only kitchens really function, and what’s it like to run one? Here's a ringside view

The Ken / March 2019

Losing faith: India’s anti-vaccine scourge

As more new vaccines get introduced, a number of Indian parents are beginning to opt out of vaccinating their children, mirroring the Western anti-vax movement

The Ken / November 2018

Morbi’s race against time

As collective reliance on traditional timepieces wanes, Morbi, the town that birthed India's unorganised clock industry, is swallowing its pride and morphing into India's ceramics hub

The Ken / January 2019

Corkeyed: Millennials are changing India’s wine industry

From “steely” and “cassis” to flirty and fruity, the changes in the wine dictionary signal the overall shift in wine packaging, consumption patterns and taste. Mostly because millennials couldn’t care less about high-brow alcobev

The Ken / May 2019

How secure are India’s museums?

The heist at Hyderabad's Nizam Museum is only the tip of a monstrous iceberg. From mismanagement to laughable security, here's what puts India's cultural heritage at stake

The Ken / September 2018

Is #succulove turning prickly?

There's a clamour for no-fuss cacti and succulent plants among urban Indian millennials. But while these spots of green are welcome in shrinking spaces, collective demand for them may not be without thorns

The Ken / October 2018

Spaced out

Stories from India’s fledgling, but impassioned community of self-professed UFO investigators

Hindustan Times / May 2017

(Baloch) Men of action

For generations, a small group of migrants from Balochistan – in present-day Pakistan – have been serving as stuntmen in Indian films

Hindustan Times / December 2016

Tales from India's kosher kitchens

The Indian Jewish population is five times lower than that of the Parsis. In their dwindling numbers, we find ourselves all the poorer of a rich (and underrated) culinary legacy

DNA / April 2016

For the love of CID

A dive into the wacky, wonderful fan fiction universe pivoted on India's longest-running TV show

DNA / February 2016

A spot of bother

A report on the travails of spot boys, the unsung heroes of the Hindi entertainment industry

DNA / July 2016

Where the wild things are

I lived for two weeks in a rainforest in the Western Ghats. Here’s what it was like.

Hindustan Times / May 2017

Care to remember

What it takes to be a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer's disease

DNA / July 2015

Feeding the film

A pivotal part of any film unit, film caterers are little heard about and little thought of. A tribute to, and conversations with, old-timers who fed Bollywood for decades

DNA / May 2015

She, robot

A profile of Abhirami, the first autonomous humanoid robot in India

DNA / December 2015

Transcending the binary

The recognition of transgender identities goes beyond the hijras and most importantly, the male-female binary. An examination of core issues affecting transgender Indians, with inputs from stakeholders across the spectrum

DNA / November 2015

The Nihalani before the storm

A profile of current CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani, tracing his journey from film distributor to Modi acolyte

DNA / August 2016

Call of the wall

How street art became Mumbai's tie that binds

DNA / December 2014

Wuthering heights

Random thrill rides for some but a serious pursuit for others, roller coasters fuel a billion dollar industry. A lowdown on the roller coaster subculture and its many fans

DNA / November 2015

Toys are them

A 1,752-strong collection of scale model cars, a fleet of Japanese robots, traditional Indian toys… inside the world of vintage collectibles, and the people who love them

DNA / August 2015

Shear devotion

Head tonsuring at Tirumala Venkateswara, one of the world's most visited places of worship, is a turning point in the lives of millions. A look into the lives of its barbers, and their aspirations for the future

DNA / July 2015

Hemlines of control

By imposing archaic dress codes and stringent conditions on women students, colleges are sending out a dangerous message by encouraging moral policing and rape culture

DNA / September 2016

The sambar saga

The provenance of a beloved south Indian staple, its many versions and diverse recipes

DNA / August 2015

The award makers

What’s an award season without the burnished statuettes Bollywood loves and aspires for? Vijay Sonawane tells the story behind Filmfare and other trophies

DNA / July 2016

The good wife

That there are no prints available for Dr Madhurika, the 1935 film revolving around birth control, is a loss for cinematic heritage and feminist history

DNA / May 2016

(Madras) Check, please

An ode to the Madras check, one of India's greatest fabrics that weaves together the disparate worlds of Matunga and Manhattan

DNA / April 2015

Sweet child o' mine

A paean to exemplary animal moms and the life lessons they impart

DNA / May 2016

On a Pawar trip

Playing the scheming saas or the golden-hearted matriarch with equal finesse, Lalita Pawar is one of Hindi cinema's unforgettables

DNA / April 2016

The silent minority

An estimated 70 million Indians suffer from rare disorders, the treatment of which can run into crores of rupees annually. Poor awareness and the absence of a national rare disease policy only adds to this burden

DNA / April 2016

The other children

Was Kartikeya older or Ganesh? Was he more powerful than Shiva himself? And who was Ashokasundari? Discussions with historians, mythologists and other scholars help retell the story of a family of gods

DNA / September 2015

Patron confidential

India's leading chefs on the craziest patron requests they've dealt with

DNA / November 2014

Jack of all fruits

Unwieldy and smelly for some and a nutritious powerhouse for others, the humble jackfruit is a produce like no other

DNA / February 2016

Beating gums about gum

Dinkache laadu in Maharashtra or gond ke laddoo in north India may be ‘pregnant women food’ for some and the epitome of uncool for others, but it is the ideal winter go-to sweet

DNA / December 2015

Knot so classified

What matrimonial ads over the decades tell us about the paradoxical nature of Indian society

DNA / February 2015

Mission evacuation

Whether it was the 1990 Gulf War or the Yemen crisis, Air India and erstwhile-Indian Airlines played a pivotal role in rescuing thousands from conflict zones. The national carrier's crew on what it's like to conduct an evacuation flight

DNA / April 2015

Class act

If acting were a religion, the Roshan Taneja School of Acting would be the pulpit. A profile of the octogenarian acting guru who’s trained some of India’s finest thespians

DNA / March 2016

Nerves of steel

A visit to a leprosy colony and rural development centre for rehabilitated patients reveals the many hurdles that lie ahead for the leprosy-afflicted

DNA / March 2015

Ace up their sleeve

Asexuals not only forge new citizenships in largely sex-focused LGBTQIA spaces, but also redefine mainstream notions of love and sex

DNA / February 2016

Objects of their affection

There are all kinds of love. And while the world may mock those who fall in love with inanimate objects, a lot more research is needed before we start to comprehend their amorous emotions

DNA / February 2016

Not past its sell by date

Millennials may bank on Evernote and Google Calendar, but these digital tools are no match for Kalnirnay — the Indian almanac that's a universe unto its own

DNA / July 2015

Partners in crime

The little-known, but fascinating history of Scandinavian noir

DNA / January 2015

For the love of Nancy Drew

The announcement of Nancy Drew growing up to be a NYPD detective prompts one revisit childhood years, when the world seemed neatly divided along gender lines between the teen sleuth and, of course, Hardy Boys

DNA / November 2015

The interview that was

In which Cyrus Broacha and Kunal Vijayakar talk about everything from Donald Trump to being sued by J Jayalalithaa

DNA / May 2016

Dispatches from Mumbai's mall Santas

India may not have Santa schools like in the US, but Santa Clauses here too hone their craft to the best of their abilities and given tools.

DNA / December 2015

The solitary reaper

From cats and cattle to emus and horses, greater Mumbai's only animal hospital treats them all. The story of the man at its helm, Lt Col (Dr) Khanna, weaved in with tales of abandonment, lack of awareness and other challenges

DNA / January 2016

'Frankie' speaking

The story of one of Mumbai's most iconic street foods

DNA / April 2015

Nostalgia on toast

There was once a brand of Indian butter far more popular than Amul. A recounting of my family's – and others' – love for the once-legendary Polson's butter

DNA / July 2015

True detectives

From corporate espionage and family litigations to the occasional 'thrilling case', Mumbai's private detectives dabble in it all. But their world is quite removed from those of their fictional counterparts

DNA / July 2014

The record keeper

Limca Book of Records' long-time editor Vijaya Ghose is committed to showcasing the eccentric, the wondrous and the perseverant. The 78-year-old judges without judgment, a profile of courage despite the many challenges in her life

DNA / May 2015

Sanskrit, take three

The life and times of GV Iyer, India's first – and so far, only – Sanskrit film director

DNA / May 2015

Six feet under

Everybody deserves a good send-off is his mantra. Meet John Pinto, the world's only MBE undertaker for whom body preservation is both art and science

DNA / August 2014

Dance for the gander

Probal Gupta's solo stree vesham routines in Kathakali take inspiration from paintings, folk tradition, other dance forms and Shakespeare too

DNA / May 2016

Book review: 'Halt Station India'

A fitting tribute to Mumbai's famed local trains and a must-read for both fans and critics of the country's oldest passenger rail network

DNA / March 2015

Book review: 'Gaata Rahe Mera Dil'

National Award-winning authors Aniruddha Bhattacharjee and Balaji Vittal's 'Gaata Rahe Mera Dil', which whittles down almost six decades of Hindi film music into a mere 50 songs, is a labour of love – though not without fault

DNA / August 2015

Treading the rights-free track

A handy list of copyright-free resources across genres – poetry, essays, comics, drama scripts, history, and philosophy – for those hungry for information, but didn't know where to look

DNA / October 2015

Unfurling the debate on patriotism

Where does patriotism end and jingoism begin? Is standing for the national anthem mere conditioned behaviour? And how do nationality and identity get synced?

DNA / August 2015

Anatomy of a taxidermist

India’s only wildlife taxidermist Dr Santosh Gaikwad on the joys, rigours and importance of his profession

DNA / August 2014

No cheap legacy

There's Something Special about Cheap Jack. A visit to the quintessentially-Bandra institution for bits and bobs that make up Christmas – and a little bit of nostalgia

DNA / December 2015

Revert to type

Why the Hermes 3000 typewriter was the machine that defined my childhood

DNA / August 2015

Two of a kind

Where I recount the time I queued for the famed and patented Tirupati or Sri Vari Laddu

DNA / July 2015

Interview: Margaret Atwood

The one and only Margaret Atwood on superheroes, hate mail, book blurbs and what's next for her

DNA / January 2016

Interview: Neil Harbisson

The world's first legally-recognised cyborg on the untapped potential of cybernetics and the need to make technology intrinsic

DNA / October 2014

Interview: Mark Gatiss

On his childhood, BBC Sherlock's female characters, and the portrayal of LGBT characters on TV

DNA / December 2014

Interview: Bonobo

An exhaustive tête-à-tête with one of the world's best producer-DJs

DNA / December 2014

Interview: Alexander McCall Smith

Bestselling author Alexander McCall Smith, one of the star attractions Zee Jaipur Literature Festival 2016, talks about his different worlds, from the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency to 44 Scotland Street, and his kind of gentle, 'positive realism'

DNA / January 2016

Interview: Atul Gawande

The surgeon, public health researcher and bestselling author on why we need to shift focus from just good health and survival to general well-being

DNA / December 2014

Interview: Mona Eltahawy

Journalist, author and lecturer Mona Eltahawy talks about her first book, the need for a common ground between secular and religious feminists, and the revolutions she wants to see in west Asia and North Africa

DNA / November 2015

Interview: Radhika Apte

About theatre, her love for travel, the most challenging roles she's essayed, and haywire connotations of the terms 'bold' and 'feminist' in India

DNA / August 2015

Mangalore blues

Mumbai's once-plentiful Mangalore stores are slowly being relegated to the shadows

DNA / October 2014


Meet the self-anointed gatekeepers of Indian morality

Motherland / May 2014

Big Wigs

The unsung wig makers of Bollywood

The Caravan / July 2014

Electronic wasteland

India is a leading e-waste importer and the world's fifth highest e-waste generator. Where does it all go? Given the hazardous nature of the business, what are the safeguards taken by recyclers and the humble kabadiwala?

DNA / May 2015

Hitting the spot

A chronicle of India's dysfunctional relationship with sex

DNA / February 2015

Where pigs hog all the glory

With 50,000 exhibits in 29 theme rooms, Stuttgart's SchweineMuseum is a labour of porcine love, headed by a remarkable owner-curator

DNA / October 2015

Eating face

The quest for Mumbai's best falooda, bhurji and guava cheese

DNA / December 2014

Zen and the art of cartooning

Australian cartoonist Gavin Aung Than, whose Zen Pencils is one of the most popular web comics, on his art and a connect that goes beyond the web comic fan space

DNA / December 2015

From here to antiquity

Consumed by their passion for antique furniture and objets d'art, three men are taking forward the legacy of antique restorer Mahendra Doshi

DNA / September 2014

The long and short of it

'Too short' or 'too tall', these people don't fit society's definition of 'normal' and often find themselves on the margins of mainstream life. But they have taken on the challenge imposed by their height to forge their own identities.

DNA / June 2015

The man history made

Assyriologist, philologist, and board game expert Irving Finkel is that rare historian who makes you want to trash the future in favour of the past

DNA / January 2016

The fat is in the fire

Body shaming is the refuge of the insecure. But so ingrained is the desire for slenderness that anyone with some girth is considered flawed

DNA / September 2014

(Ice) Cream of the crop

An end-of-season quest for Mumbai’s best sitaphal or custard apple ice cream

DNA / February 2015

Rape is genderless

The tendency to center our sexual abuse discourse on the male perpetrator-female survivor prototype is a threat to the well-being of those who don't fall in this category

DNA / November 2014

Pitcher perfect

The hunt for Bombay's best white wine sangrias

DNA / May 2015

Women on the front lines

Conflict reportage may no longer be a male-only territory but challenges remain, with many female journalists still battling stereotypes

DNA / March 2015

The dirty picture

The seamy underbelly of film certification in India

DNA / January 2015

Dance like a man

Sanjay Khatri talks about the trials and tribulations of being India's first male ballet dancer

DNA / October 2014

At full throttle

Why Mudassar and Kainat Khatri, whose seven-year-old son Raheesh is the world's youngest drag racer, are exemplars for parents everywhere

DNA / February 2015

Interview: Gaurav Tiwari

Indian Paranormal Society CEO and founder Gaurav Tiwari on UFO sightings, places that fail to live up to their haunted reputations and his most hair-raising experience as an investigator

DNA / November 2014

Million dollar babies

About the many ethical issues plaguing India's multimillion dollar surrogacy business

DNA / August 2014

Interview: Gaurav Raina

One half of the Midival Punditz duo on their latest album, why genres should be done away with, and more

DNA / April 2015

Chanakya's tribe

There's no such thing as 'the typical Mensan' – apparently

DNA / September 2014

Playing for (cuckoo) time

The most reputed manufacturers of cuckoo clocks have been family-owned for generations and so is Mumbai's Well Known Watch House, one of India's only two cuckoo clock service stations

DNA / October 2015

Bringing Mozart to Mumbai

French violinist and conductor Augustin Dumay is on a mission is to make classical music more accessible to people

DNA / September 2014

No joke, this

What it's like to be a professional clown

DNA / November 2014

Hawk, stock and barrel

Can a teeming Mumbai resolve the conflict between citizen convenience, hawker rights and open spaces?

DNA / April 2015

Germaine Greer, renegade feminist

Germaine Greer's views may not always resonate with contemporary feminists, but her importance in the women's liberation movement can't be undermined

DNA / November 2015

For the record

Dinesh 'Maximouth' Upadhyaya has 176 records to his credit, mostly for stuffing his mouth with grapes, pencils, tennis balls, and what have you

DNA / July 2014

Who says girls can't play ball?

The term ‘champ’ is sometimes thrown around loosely, but not when it comes to WNBA star Tamika Catchings

DNA / February 2015

The man who missed the train

About Devika Rani and a certain Najmul Hasan – the man who almost brought Bombay Talkies to a standstill.

TBIP / October 2013

Maximus Minimus

Brooklyn-based Maximón Monihan, Sheena Matheiken, and Janeva Zentz on their acclaimed debut feature 'Voice of the Voiceless' and subaltern influences: magical realism, skateboarding and Malcolm X.

TBIP / January 2014

Irani chai, cinema Afghani

Afghan auteur Siddiq Barmak on his award-winning film 'Osama', Irani cinema influences, and his favourite Indian filmmakers

TBIP / November 2013

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